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Writing: How to get out of a ‘stuck’ scene

So the scene is going well but then you just stagnant and get 'stuck'. What will make this flow? What will carry me forth into the next chapter? It is writer's block. It is how do I even get to the next chapter from here. I have been there. This scene is just going nowhere… Continue reading Writing: How to get out of a ‘stuck’ scene


Brilliant idea strikes at sleepy time

Yes, that headline should be common to every writer. Especially us insomniacs who think about endless things, passing the time while waiting for the elusive Sandman. The man is a bit of a slacker really. Usually, we are struck with brilliance like a bolt from the GODs. Where did this even come from? It is… Continue reading Brilliant idea strikes at sleepy time

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How to not write a book

Start writing Take a break and look at Facebook Grab a caffeinated drink. Back to writing a different story because an idea popped into your head Respond to a notification on Facebook because it was an interesting conversation you had commented on. Realize it had turned into Politics. Make inflammatory political remark for fun. Watch… Continue reading How to not write a book

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Too much Exposure work not enough pay

  They said I was a great writer. They said they loved my writing. They loved my blog. They would love for me to come write for them monthly. For how much? For exposure. Damned exposure. So far I cannot eat exposure. Nothing against exposure. Gets my name out there. Gets people coming back to… Continue reading Too much Exposure work not enough pay

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The benefits of writing

Science Shows Something Surprising About People Who Love to Write There are "long-term improvements in mood, stress levels and depressive symptoms. In a 2005 study on the emotional and physical health benefits of expressive writing, researchers found that just 15 to 20 minutes of writing three to five times over the course of the four-month… Continue reading The benefits of writing


What do you to that gets in the way of your writing?

10 Things to stop doing to yourself as a writer had some interesting points to consider. I think I do more than these to be honest. Writers... we love to beat ourselves up about our writing. "Stop being afraid. Aspiring writers are experts at being afraid. Are you afraid of failure or success? You’ll never… Continue reading What do you to that gets in the way of your writing?

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Half in the parallel universe

You know you are a writer when even your dreams are consumed by characters... not you. By plot-lines and magic and fictional lands and mystery. I love dreaming for that. However, even awake I am consumed by these plots and ideas. I will start daydreaming at the oddest of times. Have these mini conversations in… Continue reading Half in the parallel universe

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Character mapping and profiles

I generally speaking keep a notebook on each novel I write for ideas. In there I include character profiles. I have descriptors I use. Traits I want to keep in mind for future reference. I keep it fairly simple and this is the method I have always used. It is interesting to map out your… Continue reading Character mapping and profiles