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Blogtober: Thursday teaser

So I got this Blogtober topic from a meme. So this is a teaser from The Surge.   Here is a wee teaser on The Surge:   Lyndon was a hybrid Order wizard with a demon of an unknown realm. He never told her what realm his mother came from and she never asked. He… Continue reading Blogtober: Thursday teaser


The Surge: A review

  I have a review on The Surge. A review. One review. But, it is by my favorite reviewer. I'll take any review. I'll take just a star review. But this reviewer is awesome because he does these in-depth reviews. And that is rare. This is the description of The Surge: Vie is a Chaos… Continue reading The Surge: A review

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The Surge: Book 1 of Riftworld

This is Book 1 In the Rift World Series, I have started called The Surge  The series gets more complex as it goes along. In the first book, we are introduced to the character, a bit of her history, attitude, the world, and some of the problems within that world. Due to the inherent problems in this… Continue reading The Surge: Book 1 of Riftworld