“Have you really read all those books in your room?” Alaska laughing- “Oh God no. I’ve maybe read a third of ‘em. But I’m going to read them all. I call it my Life’s Library. Every summer since I was little, I’ve gone to garage sales and bought all the books that looked interesting. So… Continue reading


Some people talk about comfort foods… well I have ‘good reads’. Those books you can just sink into on a bad day and take your worries away. That and I read all the time with migraines (well not extremely acute ones, but all the other ones) and it lets me escape from that constant affliction… Continue reading


Reading and writing with migraine and visual snow

A blog post about how much I love to read even though I have chronic migraines with a persistent migraine aura and visual snow. Reading and writing are both distractions from pain that I find very valuable. Writing being the one I am most passionate about. But I read a great deal when I am… Continue reading Reading and writing with migraine and visual snow

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A favourite book: Chronicles of Amber

I would recommend something I am reading, but nothing on the current list that is spectacular. And so I have been re-reading some favorites. The Chronicles of Amber, by Roger Zelazny, was a childhood favorite of mine. When I was twelve or so I began the process of raiding my dad's bookshelves and came across… Continue reading A favourite book: Chronicles of Amber