Poem: Surface

Surface   There you see, the smiling me A facade I created, A game I concocted, Just for you. All for you.   Beneath the surface, Behind that face, Is a silent scream, And shattered dreams. Just for me. All for me.


Poem: Window to the Soul

Window to the Soul   Beneath this wall A pit of suffering Hidden from all, Blinding and writhing   A pit of suffering Behind smiling eyes Blinding and writhing. What a pretty disguise   Behind smiling eyes Hidden from all What a pretty disguise Beneath this wall  


Poem: A Whisper Away

  A Whisper Away   Just a whisper away Pain’s hidden tears Smiles with edges that fray Silence weighs the fears   Pain’s hidden tears rules all the sorrows Smiles with edges that fray stealing all tomorrows   Rules all the sorrows Smiles with edges that fray Stealing all tomorrows Just a whisper away