Poem: into the light

Time for this weeks addition of drunk poetry. I'm not going to lie, I was a wee bit inebriated last night. And apparently in a mood for poetry. So this is the result of that adventure:   Into the light There in the labyrinth I’m blind With smiling eyes and golden lies Free my mind… Continue reading Poem: into the light

Poem-spring in the air

Poem: Spring in the air

  We had a cold Spring here, but this poem I wrote last year.   Spring in the air   A chill Spring in the air, I took a deep breath in. A fine misting of snow in my hair, Last years ruins, new to begin.   Snow melted to the ground, peace not broken… Continue reading Poem: Spring in the air


Poem: A Whisper Away

  A Whisper Away   Just a whisper away Pain’s hidden tears Smiles with edges that fray Silence weighs the fears   Pain’s hidden tears rules all the sorrows Smiles with edges that fray stealing all tomorrows   Rules all the sorrows Smiles with edges that fray Stealing all tomorrows Just a whisper away