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When you are absent-minded

I have always been absent-minded. Just a personality trait. I live more in my head than in the real world and so the real world can sort of suddenly surprise me. I never minded it much but in a sense I think it rather annoys Other people. So here are some of the ways I… Continue reading When you are absent-minded


The INTP me

I noticed something on The Twitter. A lot of writers are INFPs, I noticed. And I suspect the Feeling aspect helps a lot. In life and in writing. And I was all alone in my INTPness. But we are out there. Likely randomly thinking about obscure theories and being oblivious to our environments. Now I… Continue reading The INTP me


Remember to take your introvert out this holiday season

It is the start of that time of year where there are a lot of social obligations. Not really the sort of time as an introvert that really excites me. I enjoy some gatherings, if small and of people I know well. Large ones, not so much. And they are draining unless you can get… Continue reading Remember to take your introvert out this holiday season