The INTP me

I noticed something on The Twitter. A lot of writers are INFPs, I noticed. And I suspect the Feeling aspect helps a lot. In life and in writing. And I was all alone in my INTPness. But we are out there. Likely randomly thinking about obscure theories and being oblivious to our environments. Now I… Continue reading The INTP me

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Blogtober: Introvert fears

It is nearing Halloween and I have done a few good Halloween posts and now it is time for... Introvert Fears!!! Public speaking. I remember this from school. My hands would shake like crazy and I would speak really, really fast. Until I figured out a trick. I realized most people are not even listening.… Continue reading Blogtober: Introvert fears


Remember to take your introvert out this holiday season

It is the start of that time of year where there are a lot of social obligations. Not really the sort of time as an introvert that really excites me. I enjoy some gatherings, if small and of people I know well. Large ones, not so much. And they are draining unless you can get… Continue reading Remember to take your introvert out this holiday season