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Intelligence and self-worth

There is this thing where you are not supposed to say you are intelligent when you are. Or tell people your IQ when it is high. Shhhh it is a secret. And don't be too smart people do not like that at all. So keep it on the inside. But here is the thing about… Continue reading Intelligence and self-worth

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Intelligence and belief

Why do we believe weird things? As smart as we can be, why do we believe weird things? I am reminded of Michael Shermer’s view, when he’s asked why smart people believe weird things, like creationism, ghosts and (as with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) fairies: “Smart people are very good at rationalizing things they came… Continue reading Intelligence and belief

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High IQ? Sorry to say, less happiness for you

“Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.” - Ernest Hemingway I wonder why this is true. My IQ is not by any means off the freaking charts high. It is a modest 140. But I have always had a strong dissatisfaction with life. Almost like I enjoy my cynicism and melancholy. Perhaps… Continue reading High IQ? Sorry to say, less happiness for you