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How to survive NaNoWriMo sane

Okay so writing 50k in a month seems like and is insanity. But we do it because we are nutbars. But how do we stay at least a little sane? First analyze your actual level of sanity. Are you nutty nutty nutbars already? Then cool, it won't affect you at all. And if it does,… Continue reading How to survive NaNoWriMo sane

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Things writer’s tears are good for

We collect our tears because writer's tears are magical and can be used in various ways. If you don't collect your tears you should start. If you don't weep when you edit... well, you need to Edit Harder... and tears will happen. Writer's tear common uses Puting three, and Only three, drops into ones alcoholic… Continue reading Things writer’s tears are good for


InspiroBot throws down some wisdom for us all

I play around with InspiroBot from time to time to amuse myself. It is an AI that randomly makes 'motivational' quotes. So enjoy the throwdown of profound wisdom On creating art Throwing down some truth here What about Zombies, eh? I concur. This is my motto for marriage On the journey fo life. A perfect… Continue reading InspiroBot throws down some wisdom for us all