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Christmas, traditions and books

I love this tradition. And what reader would not love this tradition. I love it so much that I got a Secret Santa gift that had Hallucinations by Oliver Sacks in it. And I am reading it this Christmas Eve. This book had been on my reading list some time now. I am going to… Continue reading Christmas, traditions and books


Happy Holidays

Holy Nutcracker it is almost Christmas. And, yes, it is a holiday I celebrate in a non-religious fashion. So it is simply a pretty awesome day where you exchange gifts and share a family diner. One of my favorite holidays to be precise. Get gifts. Give gifts. Have a meal together. You simply cannot get… Continue reading Happy Holidays


Remember to take your introvert out this holiday season

It is the start of that time of year where there are a lot of social obligations. Not really the sort of time as an introvert that really excites me. I enjoy some gatherings, if small and of people I know well. Large ones, not so much. And they are draining unless you can get… Continue reading Remember to take your introvert out this holiday season