Get your festive on

Yes, it is time for Christmas! Giving. Presents. Family. Loads of nostalgia. I love it. Love it all. I have some recommendations to make your holiday the festive festivenessest Christmas ever. Or something to that effect. Have rum eggnog without the nog... just the rum. A lot of rum.Save the present paper. Frugal is cool.… Continue reading Get your festive on


What writers want for Christmas

So we are writers. We are a little weird. We seclude ourselves for long periods of time and mumble about plotlines. And have imaginary chats with our characters. We may be hard to buy for but not as much as you think. Things to get your writer friends for the holidays! Pens. We have 50,000… Continue reading What writers want for Christmas


Remember to take your introvert out this holiday season

It is the start of that time of year where there are a lot of social obligations. Not really the sort of time as an introvert that really excites me. I enjoy some gatherings, if small and of people I know well. Large ones, not so much. And they are draining unless you can get… Continue reading Remember to take your introvert out this holiday season