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New promotional images

You know sometimes I much about with various apps to find something that will work for book promotion. Here are the book promotion images I came up with using a new app. These book promotional images are in addition to ones: Utilizing those awesome reviews you get Using a book blurb Having just a short blurb… Continue reading New promotional images

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Book promotion images

So I made a few book promotion images with short excerpts on them. Hard to find an excerpt to put in from a whole book, I'll tell you that. I just winged it. Anyway, these will work for marketing in several places. I will have to come up with some others without excerpts as well.… Continue reading Book promotion images

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Writer woes: Marketing and the author platform

Writing is my thing. And I write books. Then I self-publish them. And... then what? Book marketing and maintaining your author platform. All skills we learn along the way. Book promotion and marketing I wasted two hours of my life on a video presentation on how to basically how to successfully market your book. It was… Continue reading Writer woes: Marketing and the author platform