I’m not an artist but I like creating

I have not drawn a thing in twenty-five years or so other than logos and so webpage things. So maybe 22 years. Still, a Long time. And I was never the best artist in the world but I liked it. I liked different mediums and different styles but my style was never truly realism. And… Continue reading I’m not an artist but I like creating


Dream time: a place of art

  This is the best damn dream I have had in a while. For several reasons. Set the scene: It was winter, in a foreign city somewhere I had never been before. I was wandering by myself in a very explorative mood. The art: I came across this art. This wall art. The first a… Continue reading Dream time: a place of art


Norse Mythology picture

themagicfarawayttree: odin, norse pagan god with ravens by tudor humphries I love Norse mythology. I love mythology in general… who does not love stories about gods? Where the gods are even more flawed than we are and when we chance upon them it never fairs well for us… which rather makes sense. Anyway, I think we do project upon… Continue reading Norse Mythology picture