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Haven Series in print: Part II

The final two books in the Haven series are now through review so I will post them. Not exactly satisfied with the cover on the last book, whereas it looks great in ebook form. But due to text issue on the back of the book I had to go with an alternate style. It displeases… Continue reading Haven Series in print: Part II

White witch fantasy fiction book White Witch
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Book Review: White Witch

I checked out my books on Amazon today and White Witch and Where Art Thou? Has a reader who gave excellent reviews of them. I will be returning to that world one day. I felt it open to do so and I have a plan for that. However, right now I have another series I… Continue reading Book Review: White Witch


Amazon finds its books aren’t welcome at many bookstores

This is in regards to their paper based venture, not obviously their ebook venture which would not be on the bookshelves… I do use them, and others, for ebook publishing. Not sure I would for paper based. Hard to say. I was always open to options. I have set aside that ambition for a while… Continue reading Amazon finds its books aren’t welcome at many bookstores