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Thinning the library

So I am doing my annual thinning of the library for donations. And it is a process. Because I LOVE ALL THE BOOKS. But do I really? Every one of them? In a sense, I am doing a larger purge than usual. And I do this from time to time with everything in the house.… Continue reading Thinning the library


The INTP me

I noticed something on The Twitter. A lot of writers are INFPs, I noticed. And I suspect the Feeling aspect helps a lot. In life and in writing. And I was all alone in my INTPness. But we are out there. Likely randomly thinking about obscure theories and being oblivious to our environments. Now I… Continue reading The INTP me



So I dyed my hair purple. Because... why not, eh? I had cut it short and am on the way to growing it out long again. So while it is short I think I will muck about with semi-permanent colours to amuse myself. You can see it is currently in a curly state. It dried… Continue reading Purple

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Adventures in traditional publishing: Query

So I self-publish. And I have since the economy tanked and every agent letter I received back said 'due to the economy ... but this quite good'. So I just did it myself and make every mistake along the way but mistakes just make you better. And I am trying now to pick up my… Continue reading Adventures in traditional publishing: Query


InspiroBot throws down some wisdom for us all

I play around with InspiroBot from time to time to amuse myself. It is an AI that randomly makes 'motivational' quotes. So enjoy the throwdown of profound wisdom On creating art Throwing down some truth here What about Zombies, eh? I concur. This is my motto for marriage On the journey fo life. A perfect… Continue reading InspiroBot throws down some wisdom for us all