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Blogtober: Things writers think about

Blogtober Day 2. We are on a roll. I think about things as a writer. A lot of things. And you know maybe it leads to excessive daydreaming, 'zoning out', and 'why aren't you listening to me?' But we think so much about the worlds we create it is like they are real. Like they… Continue reading Blogtober: Things writers think about


Blogtober: things that make me happy

I was thinking of doing Blogtober even though with my illness it is pretty difficult to blog every day. I want to try. It is blogging all the days in October. I thought it would be fun prep for NaNoWriMo So today's topic is List Things That Make You Happy I know, we all have… Continue reading Blogtober: things that make me happy

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Are you sure you’re not a fictional character?

You're so awesome; are you sure you're not a fictional character? This is the most common question I get asked. I know, I exude awesomeness. And it seems like that sort of awesomeness couldn't exist in the real world. But it does. Okay, maybe people never point out my awesomeness or speculate on my realness.… Continue reading Are you sure you’re not a fictional character?

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Intelligence and belief

Why do we believe weird things? As smart as we can be, why do we believe weird things? I am reminded of Michael Shermer’s view, when he’s asked why smart people believe weird things, like creationism, ghosts and (as with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) fairies: “Smart people are very good at rationalizing things they came… Continue reading Intelligence and belief

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Book Review: Grave Yard Shift

Grave Yard Shift is by Michael F. Haspil The basics of the story What we have here is a gritty urban fantasy. My favorite sub-genre lately. Alex Menkaure, the mummy, and his vampire associate Marcus are partners. They encounter a case with poisoned synthetic blood. The blood makes any vampire who tries it enraged with… Continue reading Book Review: Grave Yard Shift