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Weeding through scammers

So I am looking for work to do from home. This would be blogging, article writing, article rewriting and that sort of deal. But also general admin. What I am actually doing though is weeding through scammers. Some of which are getting better and better. Some are not. Some are like 'Hey, you are totally… Continue reading Weeding through scammers

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So I was looking up my link on Amazon to post somewhere and low and behold two reviews! Also excellent reviews so there is also that warm fuzzy feeling I got when I saw that. And I went to Goodreads and Another star rating! I am quite pleased to see this reader response. I don't… Continue reading Reviews

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High IQ? Sorry to say, less happiness for you

“Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.” - Ernest Hemingway I wonder why this is true. My IQ is not by any means off the freaking charts high. It is a modest 140. But I have always had a strong dissatisfaction with life. Almost like I enjoy my cynicism and melancholy. Perhaps… Continue reading High IQ? Sorry to say, less happiness for you