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Blogtober: Happy Cannabis Day Canada

I am Canadian and yesterday was the first day of pot legalization. YAY! From a former pothead, this is good news for a lot of people. And it does regulate it, make money off of it, and takes money out of criminals pocket. Pot always helped with my pervasive insomnia and fibromyalgia but the fact… Continue reading Blogtober: Happy Cannabis Day Canada

huh it was aliens after all
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Let’s talk aliens

I am all for looking for intelligent life out there since we can't find any here. Oh, wait, dolphins. So yeah there is intelligent life here. But is it anywhere else? Are there highly advanced beings on other planets? I think we can all agree that the probability of planets having some sort of sustainable… Continue reading Let’s talk aliens

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Intelligence and belief

Why do we believe weird things? As smart as we can be, why do we believe weird things? I am reminded of Michael Shermer’s view, when he’s asked why smart people believe weird things, like creationism, ghosts and (as with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) fairies: “Smart people are very good at rationalizing things they came… Continue reading Intelligence and belief

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The skeptacism of Flatearthers

Woke Sloth, a fun site to explore, wrote this article Flat-Earthers Have A Ridiculous New Theory That Involves Pac-Man.  You see it is hard to account for the known fact if you keep going East, you will traverse the globe. Or not? Apparently, you get to the 'edge' of the flat-earth and then timewarp to the… Continue reading The skeptacism of Flatearthers