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Haven Series in print: Part II

The final two books in the Haven series are now through review so I will post them. Not exactly satisfied with the cover on the last book, whereas it looks great in ebook form. But due to text issue on the back of the book I had to go with an alternate style. It displeases… Continue reading Haven Series in print: Part II

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Haven series into print production

I am putting my Haven series into print on Amazon. A few are done already and I will list those below. A few are still in review. Haven Series in print White Witch is the first in the Haven series Where Art Thou? is the second All Drugged Up: Part I is the third They have yet to… Continue reading Haven series into print production

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The Surge: Book 1 of Riftworld

This is Book 1 In the Rift World Series, I have started called The Surge  The series gets more complex as it goes along. In the first book, we are introduced to the character, a bit of her history, attitude, the world, and some of the problems within that world. Due to the inherent problems in this… Continue reading The Surge: Book 1 of Riftworld