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Blogtober: NaNoWriMo prep

NaNoWriMo is in the month of November writing 50k on a book you have. And in progress book or a new one. A book of poetry if you want. Or non-fiction. Or genre fiction. Anything at all as long as you get to 50k. Then you win and they do have prizes for that. Like… Continue reading Blogtober: NaNoWriMo prep

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Rift World: My nano novel is finishing up

I am at around 32k Nano writing, the novel is around 68k so far. And it is getting to the conclusion section. Should be about 90k when done, rough draft. Real rough when I do nano. Tend to be skimpy on details. So have to add all that later. Not sure, but I might finish… Continue reading Rift World: My nano novel is finishing up