Depression and creativity
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Writing: How to write the Chosen One

This is often seen in fantasy fiction. The Chosen One. So use it. Go with it. And here is a guideline on how to do that. Make them male Just going to put that out there. And often white. Make them a young, white, male. Farmboy or lowly servant Make them start from simple beginnings.… Continue reading Writing: How to write the Chosen One

White witch fantasy fiction book White Witch
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Sale on White Witch book 1 of Haven series

Time for a sale. A sale so good that you do not have to pay at all! Yes I'm doing a free promotion for White Witch book 1 of the Haven Series From November 22 to November 26 for the ebook You can check out the whole series here Reviews Sample Chapter

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Book Review: Grave Yard Shift

Grave Yard Shift is by Michael F. Haspil The basics of the story What we have here is a gritty urban fantasy. My favorite sub-genre lately. Alex Menkaure, the mummy, and his vampire associate Marcus are partners. They encounter a case with poisoned synthetic blood. The blood makes any vampire who tries it enraged with… Continue reading Book Review: Grave Yard Shift

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A short: Dreamscape

This is a story of possible alternate world, sleeping meds, and insomnia “It’s sleep paralysis. I Googled it,” I said. “I value your internet skills, but remember I am the doctor,” Dr. Smythe told me dryly. I got the impression he was mocking my self-researching abilities. “I’m just saying, sounds like it to me.” Dr.… Continue reading A short: Dreamscape

My cat Franky
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Writing: What pets to put into your fantasy

I have written books with pets before. And it is a great concept. I love my pets in the 'real world' so of course, it makes sense some characters would have a pet they adore in their world. In your writing have you considered putting a pet into your fantasy fiction? Here are some pet ideas… Continue reading Writing: What pets to put into your fantasy

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A favourite book: Chronicles of Amber

I would recommend something I am reading, but nothing on the current list that is spectacular. And so I have been re-reading some favorites. The Chronicles of Amber, by Roger Zelazny, was a childhood favorite of mine. When I was twelve or so I began the process of raiding my dad's bookshelves and came across… Continue reading A favourite book: Chronicles of Amber