Artwork: Flashback

So I picked up drawing again because I did it when I was younger but it just fell off my radar. And I thought it would be a fun hobby to pick up again for the challenge of it and because it can be a long-term one. Well, while looking for something I lost I… Continue reading Artwork: Flashback

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Artwork: Side profile portrait #2

So I wanted to practice my side profile portraits before I moved onto the next lesson. But I have had a lot of migraines since so just got to a nice hobby day today. This is what I came up with: I rather like my progress. It is consistently improving. It is limited by the… Continue reading Artwork: Side profile portrait #2


Norse Mythology picture

themagicfarawayttree: odin, norse pagan god with ravens by tudor humphries I love Norse mythology. I love mythology in general… who does not love stories about gods? Where the gods are even more flawed than we are and when we chance upon them it never fairs well for us… which rather makes sense. Anyway, I think we do project upon… Continue reading Norse Mythology picture