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Blogtober: Ghost story #3

This is my final ghost story and the one that really creeped me out. In the house I live in. I love a good ghost story so I hope you have enjoyed mine. Good time of year to talk about all your freaky experiences. The Haunting one night To set the scene I had been… Continue reading Blogtober: Ghost story #3

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Blogtober: Ghost story #2

  What makes this more creepy than the first ghost story is that I felt something that I should have felt and seen something that wasn't there. The Haunted Blue house To set the scene of this ghost story the house was blue and old but the rent was cheap for a University student off… Continue reading Blogtober: Ghost story #2

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Blogtober: How to be your authentic self

So I was procrastinating on writing, like I tend to do, and came across an article (that I would quote by it has been sucked into the vortex of Facebook) about how our society praises finding that one job you are passionate about. And not in diversifying interests. So if you have a lot of… Continue reading Blogtober: How to be your authentic self

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Blogtober Prompt: Magic ink

*I have utilized this concept in stories before, but I'll put another twist on it.* So Ink writing prompt The young man was over eighteen because my receptionist ensured that, but, hell, barely was. I frowned at him because if his request. I sympathized, of course, I sympathized but he didn't get it. Not at… Continue reading Blogtober Prompt: Magic ink

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Blogtober: Write about something you are having a problem with

I found this prompt: Write about something you are currently having a problem with. So I do live with some suckiness on a daily basis So I have chronic pain. Via Chronic migraines and Fibromyalgia. And that is something I have had a problem with and struggled with for more than twenty years. Sometimes I… Continue reading Blogtober: Write about something you are having a problem with