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Adventures in traditional publishing: Query

So I self-publish. And I have since the economy tanked and every agent letter I received back said 'due to the economy ... but this quite good'. So I just did it myself and make every mistake along the way but mistakes just make you better. And I am trying now to pick up my… Continue reading Adventures in traditional publishing: Query


The disabled writer

So I have a few primary chronic illnesses and a few miscellaneous ones that currently make me unable to work. Fibromyalgia Chronic migraines, that are pretty much daily with a break here and there An unknown vestibular disorder that I have had for over a year now and still getting answers Major Depressive Disorder that… Continue reading The disabled writer

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Blogtober: How to be your authentic self

So I was procrastinating on writing, like I tend to do, and came across an article (that I would quote by it has been sucked into the vortex of Facebook) about how our society praises finding that one job you are passionate about. And not in diversifying interests. So if you have a lot of… Continue reading Blogtober: How to be your authentic self