Blogtober: Worst writing advice

  So when I was younger I wrote a lot. Stories. Short novels. Flash fiction. And I was told I was pretty good at it. BUT then was told you'll never make money at it and it is a useless thing to pursue. And that is the thing about people, they don't get why we… Continue reading Blogtober: Worst writing advice

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Blogtober: Life goals

I have a lot of goals. Small ones. Massive overpowering world domination ones. So here are some of my goals. I am sure some of them you could add to your list because they are awesome goals to have. Live long enough to have a robot servant but not long enough for when they take… Continue reading Blogtober: Life goals

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Intelligence and belief

Why do we believe weird things? As smart as we can be, why do we believe weird things? I am reminded of Michael Shermer’s view, when he’s asked why smart people believe weird things, like creationism, ghosts and (as with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) fairies: “Smart people are very good at rationalizing things they came… Continue reading Intelligence and belief