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Year 42 the answer to life, the universe and everything

So I just had a birthday and I am now 43. As we know from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything is, in fact, 42. Therefore, we can assume the age of 42 is one of profound wisdom where we get a glimpse of Life, the Universe and… Continue reading Year 42 the answer to life, the universe and everything


Artwork: experimental sketches

So just playing around with some sketches. I will get back to my more realistic practice and portraits and so forth. But sometimes I just want to play. And that means random sketching what I feel in the mood for. I am a fantasy fiction writer so don't expect that to be anything in the… Continue reading Artwork: experimental sketches


Artwork: Self-portrait practice

Portraits are not an easy feat. I don't know if the idea of practicing on oneself is better... or not. Here is my image I used to draw from: Either way, it has been... a challenge. But that is what makes it fun. Finished, I think This portrait actually looks like me. In my orange… Continue reading Artwork: Self-portrait practice

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Haven Series book 6 Half-breed: Potential Covers

So I have some potential cover designs for the Last book in the Haven Series which will be called Half-Breed. Here are the basic outlines of those covers I have just started editing Book 6 in the Haven Series. Just picked the title- Half-breed. But I am looking at some rough ideas for covers. I… Continue reading Haven Series book 6 Half-breed: Potential Covers