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The disabled writer

So I have a few primary chronic illnesses and a few miscellaneous ones that currently make me unable to work. Fibromyalgia Chronic migraines, that are pretty much daily with a break here and there An unknown vestibular disorder that I have had for over a year now and still getting answers Major Depressive Disorder that… Continue reading The disabled writer

Depression and creativity
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Creativity and depression

I have had a longlasting bout of depression that I am now on medication for. I am talking a decade of Major Depressive Disorder. I don't mean a bit of ennui although, yeah, I get that too... don't we all? But depression is a beast.  It is quite effective medication for me. And you hear… Continue reading Creativity and depression


InspiroBot throws down some wisdom for us all

I play around with InspiroBot from time to time to amuse myself. It is an AI that randomly makes 'motivational' quotes. So enjoy the throwdown of profound wisdom On creating art Throwing down some truth here What about Zombies, eh? I concur. This is my motto for marriage On the journey fo life. A perfect… Continue reading InspiroBot throws down some wisdom for us all