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Interview: self to that other self

Who better to interview me but me. Going with that theory here is this interview. It occurred on a windy and stormy night. A product of some fine sleep deprivation. When did you start writing stories? Good question. And I would answer it if I remembered a thing about my childhood. But I remember my… Continue reading Interview: self to that other self


Poem: into the light

Time for this weeks addition of drunk poetry. I'm not going to lie, I was a wee bit inebriated last night. And apparently in a mood for poetry. So this is the result of that adventure:   Into the light There in the labyrinth I’m blind With smiling eyes and golden lies Free my mind… Continue reading Poem: into the light

Random opinions

The skeptacism of Flatearthers

Woke Sloth, a fun site to explore, wrote this article Flat-Earthers Have A Ridiculous New Theory That Involves Pac-Man.  You see it is hard to account for the known fact if you keep going East, you will traverse the globe. Or not? Apparently, you get to the 'edge' of the flat-earth and then timewarp to the… Continue reading The skeptacism of Flatearthers


‘Cocky’ and all the words I want to own

Faleena Hopkins, who I have never heard of, is a romance writer. A real cocky romance writer who has decided it is in her best interests to Trademark the word 'Cocky'. And then is allegedly demanding other romance writers with the word in their titles change them or she will sue. Read all about #cockygate… Continue reading ‘Cocky’ and all the words I want to own