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Poem: Shattered

Migraine poetry

Migraine poem shattered


Blue, black, and red


dance behind the


Pain shatters

and breaks the world


What can I do but,

through infinity,
to a new day to


Here comes


But Nothing

This is migraine poetry. Or chronic illness poetry. When in pain distract the brain. And poetry seems to come out when I am in pain. Generally on the pain experience or the migraine itself.

Migraine poetry- shattered.png

This image only was part of the poem. I left the remainder out and used a basic format, because I am posting it on my facebook page. I find it doubtful migraine poetry appeals to a lot of people. But certainly, it appeals to some. This one is about the aura and migraine onset.

Some of my other migraine poetry:

The Line

I tried Butterbur and Pie

I Dreamed

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