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Book Review: Marked

Marked (Soulseer Chronicles) is a new author I picked up in my last bout of book shopping by Sue Tingey. The Blurb: We have Lucky who can see ghosts living a quiet life with her ghost familiar Kayla. However it turns out Kayla is a demon and was sent herself to protect Lucky when she was born, or… Continue reading Book Review: Marked

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Remembering that great holiday

  My favorite vacation was to Scotland and Northern Ireland. To be honest both trips to Scotland are my favorite. For a writer of fantasy the scenery and atmosphere is food for the imagination. In Canada out West we do not have aged cities. I like feeling all that history. I love exploring the history.… Continue reading Remembering that great holiday

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Review: The shifty magic series

The shifty magic series by Judy Teel... I read them all in a couple of days so it is a review of Shifty Magic (Shifty Magic Series Book 1),Undercover Magic (Shifty Magic Series Book 2),Savage Magic (Shifty Magic Series Book 3) The Blurb: Paranormal terrorists attacked the world outing paranormals, who helped fight off the… Continue reading Review: The shifty magic series