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I am a procrastinator

https://youtu.be/mMOHfgKxuYI I am a procrastinator. There. I admit to it. Not quite as bad a him though. I did take my time with my thesis for example. But I know what I should be doing and then I piss away my time on something completely irrelevant. I definitely also procrastinate on uncomfortable situations... I do… Continue reading I am a procrastinator

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One of the books I am just starting right now is in the exploration stage. I want to base it in Vancouver. It is an urban fantasy and usually I create fictional cities, but as a Canadian I feel I should use a fine Canadian city. I was looking for populous. And I love Vancouver.… Continue reading Setting

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Too much Exposure work not enough pay

  They said I was a great writer. They said they loved my writing. They loved my blog. They would love for me to come write for them monthly. For how much? For exposure. Damned exposure. So far I cannot eat exposure. Nothing against exposure. Gets my name out there. Gets people coming back to… Continue reading Too much Exposure work not enough pay

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A short: Telepathy and pizza

Prompt Kittens, pizza, saltine crackers, telepathy, a radio contest, magic, a six-pack of beer, and existential angst. The kittens in the box were making quite the noise for kittens. Sounded like I was starving them, but I wasn’t. I bought Fancy Feast for rioting little furballs. Fancy Feast. I could have bought something dull and… Continue reading A short: Telepathy and pizza