Prompt: What secret could you not keep

I actually keep secrets very well. I think partly because I have a strong disinterest in spreading gossip. However, there was a time in my 20's when I could not. Being in your 20's is a dramatic time of life. Things seem so much more important than they really are. Every decision seems like it… Continue reading Prompt: What secret could you not keep


What do you to that gets in the way of your writing?

10 Things to stop doing to yourself as a writer had some interesting points to consider. I think I do more than these to be honest. Writers... we love to beat ourselves up about our writing. "Stop being afraid. Aspiring writers are experts at being afraid. Are you afraid of failure or success? You’ll never… Continue reading What do you to that gets in the way of your writing?


Fifty Shades of Grey Has Biggest Presidents’ Day Box-Office Opening in History

50 Shades of Grey is the sort of book I wonder how it made it into a Book. You read it and the writing is that poor you just wonder who the hell though this should be a Book. And yet, there you go. Now I know many people have other faults to find with it and there are other faults. A lot of them. I just could not get past the writing itself. It flat out ruins a novel to be honest. Although that one did it all on its own without considering the writing. So don’t count me as a fan. I have to say if there is any sort of hype about a book, then the book sucks. Or certainly that has been the case with the three major hyped up novels I read. I will stick with what I like I think.


Fifty Shades of Grey is breaking box-office records faster than it’s breaking taboos. The much anticipated movie version of E.L. James’ hit novel has raked in $81.67 million since it opened Friday, and Universal projects the movie will make over $90 million over the four-day weekend, Deadline reports.

That makes Fifty Shades of Grey the record holder for best Presidents’ Day opening weekend of all time.

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Kingsman: The Secret Service didn’t do badly either, with $35.6 over three days (handily beating 20th Century Fox’s estimate of $20 million). That’s probably thanks to all the guys who didn’t want to go see 50 Shades ofGrey.


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