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A few poems I wrote lately

That Which Lurks Within   I carry dark things within me They lurk and hover out of sight I carry dark things within me And then within me ignite Pulsating agony within me Pain that slumbers, twists and turns; Pulsating agony within me Wakes and claws and burns. I cannot shed this weight within me,… Continue reading A few poems I wrote lately


The Great Indie Quest

Coffee. Write. Repeat.

So you may have read the post I wrote recently, where I examined the different publishing paths and which one was right for me. Since I didn’t know a lot about indie at the time, and some people had not even heard of it when I posted, I thought I would share some of the resources I found in my search–my Great Indie Quest, a traditional girl’s quest to see what indie publishing can do for me.

Indie publishing has a lot of things to offer potential authors, a lot of things I never realized. Freedom, rights, customization. You get to be part of a more intimate, and very loyal community. Not to mention when published through an indie publisher, there is still a gatekeeper and official stamp, as well as all the resources and services a publisher provides, but you get to forgo the entire stressful querying and finding an agent…

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