The Door Opens, So Quietly: Self-Publishers Now Can Join The Authors Guild

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Hear Me Now, Believe Me Later

Authors…need to be part of the group that works out the future direction of this business.

That comes from the lead editorial in this week’s edition of The Bookseller. It will be on the stands on Friday in London. The editorial, from the magazine’s Philip Jones, will be online shortly after that.

Jones writes in his piece, wryly headlined “United Authors Unite”:

This bestseller group [he’s referring to Douglas Preston’s Authors United group] join indie authors such as Orna Ross, Joanna Penn, Hugh Howey, and Joe Konrath, who have taken a lead in debating how self-publishing can help reshape all of publishing. Indeed, some of the best analysis about future publishing comes from these “newbies”, as last week’s launch of Kindle Unlimited in the US showed.

And Jones notes that it’s not as if there’s no representation out there:

It would be…

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