How to Write Fantasy Fiction (The Alphabet Instructions)

apprentice, never master

Accept the fact that when you start down this road, Literature Elitists will tell you that you’re writing something vaguely below toddler’s entertainment, while the rest of the world will ask if you’re writing something like Harry Potter or Twilight or Game of Thrones . Treat both with respect and patience. They’ll catch on eventually.
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Begin at the beginning of your story, not the beginning of time. We don’t need to know how the gods formed man out of clay and spit and blood and luck, before we know your main character’s name. We definitely don’t need to hear the story of how the High King god’s favorite son’s favorite dog gnawed on the sky in its puppy-teething-period, and bit pinprick star holes into the blackness, before we know your main character’s name.
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Can’t – shouldn’t, mustn’t, often dare to, but really, really can’t – break your own rules. This…

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