Kindle feeds that book addiction…

I have run out of books to read in my stack which means I am planning to go book shopping next weekend. We do not have a bookstore in the city I live in. Shocking I know. Horrific actually. So we have to travel to the closest city to us which is actually quite close.… Continue reading Kindle feeds that book addiction…

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Write about the shape of memories prompt

Write about the shape of memories? I imagine some people think memories are crisp squares like windows into the past. The peer into them and there is this view they have. Crystalline. I am not so easily fooled. I know the games the brain plays on us all. More so someone like me with a… Continue reading Write about the shape of memories prompt

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What book have you read more than once and would read again?

  What book have you read more than once and would read again? If you are like me whenever you run out of books you know you have plenty others you can read again. I have some I have read many times over like Great book of Amber which has the entire Chronicles of Amber… Continue reading What book have you read more than once and would read again?


RB: Big – HUGE – Con of the Kindle

I always have to pay a lot of attention to how long a book is before I buy an ebook. With a real book it is pretty easy to see what you are getting into. With an ebook if you don’t look before hand all you have is this percentage read indication… and how fast that seems to be taken up with each page. If there is junk at the end, you can be done that thing in a few hours.

I love my kindle. I also love real books. Love their smell, especially if they are from the library. Love the feel of them in my  hands. Love how I can easily be transported into the story world. But I’ve purchased more ebooks this year than real books. Borrowed more ebooks from the library than real books. There hasn’t been anything bad I could say about my Kindle.

LoveKindle I totally agree with this My Kindle is worth ten, rainbow fire power unicorns!

…Until now.

I was deep into a wonderful, can’t-get-enough-of, ignoring-Husband-worthy novel. It was the end of the chapter. A totally aaawww inspiring moment and I couldn’t wait to read what was next.

Swipe. So exciting! How many more chapters can I get through before Husband sends me another dirty look and I absolutely have to put my Kindle down? 

Swipe. Hey, why hasn’t the page turned yet.

Swipe . …

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Book Review: The God Argument

I just finished The God Argument: The Case Against Religion and for Humanism by A.C. Grayling and it was quite enjoyable to me. Keep in mind I am a philosophical agnostic who enjoys this sort of discussion but leans strongly towards atheism. It is just that sort of book I can enjoy. Thinking about religion and… Continue reading Book Review: The God Argument


8 Things Writers Can Do No One Else Can


writer There are a lot of difficult parts to writing. I mean, besides the whole write-edit-revise-rewrite thing. That cutting a vein and bleeding on the page can get touch-and-go at times. Channeling your muse at times gets someone you’d prefer to avoid. And it’s well documented that trying to make a living as an author is pretty near impossible unless your last name rhymes with ‘Fancy’ or ‘Brawling’.

Despite all that, it’s a profession people flock to, spend thousands training to be, and wouldn’t give up for anything. Widely-accepted studies show 80% of Americans have a book we want to share–despite that industry stats show it takes five years to hone and deliver an acceptable novel. It may–or may not–surprise you to know that pursuing a writing career has less to do with that magical feeling you get turning words into pictures and more to do with what writers get to…

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5 Marketing Strategies for Writers Who Hate Promoting Their Own Work

5 Marketing Strategies for Writers Who Hate Promoting Their Own Work. I'll admit it... I'm an introvert. As such the promoting aspect of my book is something I have slacked on. I just feel a little awkward about the whole thing. I do have my blog, a Facebook Page. Twitter and even Tumblr so I… Continue reading 5 Marketing Strategies for Writers Who Hate Promoting Their Own Work