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Blogtober: Happy Cannabis Day Canada

I am Canadian and yesterday was the first day of pot legalization. YAY! From a former pothead, this is good news for a lot of people. And it does regulate it, make money off of it, and takes money out of criminals pocket. Pot always helped with my pervasive insomnia and fibromyalgia but the fact… Continue reading Blogtober: Happy Cannabis Day Canada


Blogtober: Worst writing advice

  So when I was younger I wrote a lot. Stories. Short novels. Flash fiction. And I was told I was pretty good at it. BUT then was told you'll never make money at it and it is a useless thing to pursue. And that is the thing about people, they don't get why we… Continue reading Blogtober: Worst writing advice

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Blogtober: Self-publishing mistakes you’ve made

This is a post about self-publishing. And how you have to be great at every aspect of the production. And there is a learning curve to all of it. My self-publishing mistake, in the beginning, was my cover design. So I make my own covers. And I have learned a lot while doing so. Believe… Continue reading Blogtober: Self-publishing mistakes you’ve made